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Established in 1987, PETERSON SAUNA is unique among sauna manufacturers in that we have installed nearly every sauna room we have produced…typically 60 per year.

With bases in Central Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, we have installed saunas from coast to coast; small to large, simple to complex, commercial to residential, indoor and outdoor.

Call and ask us how we do it; speak directly to the owner, George Peterson, who has personally installed more sauna rooms than anyone in the country—ever!

Our Products


Our products generally fall into two basic categories:

  • Custom-Built prefabricated material packages that are permanently installed into a framed space in your home, such as a closet. See Custom page for pictures and additional information.
    • Available shipped or installed.
  • Modular free-standing units that break down into large sections. These units can be built to fit into any available space, indoor or outdoor (outdoor units are equipped with weather resistant roofing and siding). These portable units are ideal for the customer that moves frequently, because they can be broken down and re-assembled with ease. See Modular page for pictures and additional information.
    • Available shipped or installed.



  • Pre-cut Wall and Ceiling Boards
    • 1″x4″ V-joint tongue & groove, Western Red Cedar, clear, certified kiln-dried.
  • Base, Corner & Ceiling Trim
    • Clear, kiln-dried W.R.C.
  • Assembled Benches
    • Clear, 100% Vertical Grain, kiln-dried W.R.C. S4S 1″x4″ surface & face, 2″x4″ framework, fastened w/ counter-sunk screws, plugged over & sanded flush.
  • Prehung Doors
    • 2’0″x6’8″x2 3/4″(thickness), Special Design, hand crafted, 1″x4″ V-joint T&G W.R.C. (lined on both sides), double thermopane window, roller ball catches (2), wooden door handles.
  • Duckboard Flooring
    • Panels constructed of 1″x4″ s4s Western Red Cedar for walking areas of floor (not under benches or heater).
  • Heater
  • Controls
    • See Heaters page, All heaters are furnished w/appropriate UL listed timer/thermostat controls.  Built-in or exterior digital control options available.
  • Rocks
    • Imported from Finland, Konno rocks create a soft, natural warmth, won’t fragment from heat and steam.
  • Light Fixture
    • Wall mount, Vapor proof.
  • Accessories
    • Thermometer, Bucket/Ladle, Headrest/Backrest.

Contact George directly for more information!