Choosing the Home Sauna That’s Right for You

by Neil Peterson

Fixture home sauna kit with bulkhead contourChoosing the Home Sauna That’s Right for You

Want to bring the pleasures of sauna bathing into your home, but not sure about the best place to put it? Here are a few considerations that may help you with your decision.

Portable Modular Saunas vs Fixture Home Sauna Kits

Our two main types of saunas both have their advantages when considering the best fit for your home.

Fixture Home Sauna Kits

fixture home sauna kit with sloping ceilingThe best thing about our permanent fixture kits is that they can be built within or around almost any irregular space you have available. This could be a space that’s already fully or partially framed, or we can do the framing for you in an existing bedroom/closet/attic/bathroom etc. Building a sauna directly into this framed space allows you to account for irregularities such as sloping or contoured ceilings, bulkheads, columns or basically any space where a rectangular freestanding unit would not be practical. These units would not be easily removed or relocated if you were to move, but they do add a nice selling point if you are thinking of selling your home.

Portable Modular Home Saunas

The advantage of our portable modular units is that they can simply be tucked back into the corner of any basement, garage, rec room or home gym. They can also be easily broken down into several large pieces and reinstalled when you move or remodel. Our portable units are custom made-to-order to the fraction of an inch for those who want the benefits of a portportable home sauna in basement cornerable unit, but have limited space to work with.
These units are also very customizable in terms of exterior aesthetic and budget. For example: If you’d like a portable sauna installed in the corner of your finished basement, you could opt to have the two visible sides adorned with decorative cedar while the wall facing sides could be surfaced with a less expensive paneling material.

Call or email us today If you have any further questions or concerns about the right sauna for you!

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