The “Masters” of Sauna Building

by Neil Peterson

The “Masters” of Sauna Building-

A long standing reality tv show template has been to film experts making “cool” custom stuff; from cars and motorcycles on shows like “Unique Whips” and “American Chopper”, to aquariums and treehouses from shows like “Tanked” and “Treehouse Masters”. I bring this up, not to convince A&E to give us a tv show, but to draw a parallel to the level of expertise and customization that we strive for in the sauna industry. fishtank custom sauna

The show “Tanked” for example features a company called Acrylic Tank Manufacturing who are known for their imaginative designs and impressive ability to turn just about anything into an acrylic fish tank. Treehouse masters, on the other hand, is about a company called Nelson Treehouse and Supply who possess an uncanny ability to consult with a customer, absorb information about their customer’s visions and the layout of their properties, and ultimately make their treehouse dreams come true. They are both able to do this due to their unique levels of knowledge and experience, and are deservingly viewed as the go-to experts in their unique fields. This is why we like to use this comparison when people ask us about what we do.

As sauna builders who’ve been building highly customized saunas and catering to special requests from our customers for over 30 years, we’ve amassed the knowledge and experience to always be adaptable in providing the best solutions for our customers. For this reason, we feel that we hold a clear advantage over our competitors in serving customers that are seeking something out of the ordinary. These mass producers may have a team of designers on staff who can dream up an aesthetically pleasing modern design with a fancy Finnish sounding name, but they can’t send a builder with 30 years of experience to your home to help design a sauna for your unique space, or to include unique features like fish tanks, TV’s, and original artistic woodwork and ultimately help you build the sauna that you envisioned before you decided to call us.
spiral sauna with intarsia art

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    • Hi, sorry for letting your question go unanswered for so long. We haven’t gotten much traffic on these comment threads, so it’s not something I’ve kept up with very well. We do have extensive experience building saunas in commercial or common-use applications such condo complexes, gyms, hotels, etc.. Please call 804-338-6601, or fill out a contact submission form with your contact info if you’re still interested.

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