Outdoor Saunas – A rejuvenating peaceful retreat on your own property!

Our freestanding outdoor saunas are a great way to add a private sanctuary for relaxation in your own backyard, garden, deck, or patio.  A perfect way to capture the authentic traditional sauna bath experience, with the added benefit of not taking up space inside your home!

Much like our indoor saunas, our outdoor saunas are built to fit any space or surface. These units are built in many configurations, such as a simple one room outbuildings, or bathhouses with changing areas and porch space.

Available in two basic variations:

  • Unattached freestanding units with treated lumber bases: Ideal for sitting  on relatively level surfaces such as decks, patios and poolsides.
  • Permanent outdoor buildings affixed to posts and footers: Ideal for uneven yard surfaces – may include covered porches for post-sauna relaxation.

Consult with us today to find the best use for your outdoor space!