PETERSON SAUNA custom-builds and installs home sauna kits of any size and configuration which are permanently installed as a fixture of your home. In fact, we consistently build and install the finest saunas to be found anywhere. Not even the Finnish can match our work, the secret is our native Western Red Cedar.

This “softwood” from the Pacific Northwest has strengths and characteristics superior to all others for sauna use. We are the manufacturers, right here in Chesterfield, Virginia. We take pride in our craft and it shows.

The possibilities for our custom saunas are virtually endless.  In addition to building our saunas to fit any space to the fraction of an inch, we also offer a variety of other options.

**Available Installed, or Shipped as a Kit.**


Want to take your sauna with you when you move? Take a look at our Modular – Portable Saunas page! Our freestanding modulars break down into 6-10 pieces that can be shipped and re-assembled at your new home!