Q. How do I get started?
R. Just call us. George Peterson will personally walk you through all of your sauna options. He will spend the time with you to create the sauna of your dreams.

Q. What kind of wood are the saunas made of?
R. The saunas are made from 1” x 4” V-joint tongue & groove, vertical grain Western Red Cedar; clear, certified Kiln-dried with no splintering.

Q. Who does the electrical work?
R. You would secure the electrician. Peterson Sauna works directly with your electrician to ensure the specifications are correct and coordinates timing.

Q. Where can I put a sauna?
R. A sauna can fit into any space. From a closet or pantry to creating its own space in any room of your home to being a stand alone outside.

Q. Do I have to worry about water or moisture damage?
R. Absolutely not. Saunas generate dry heat making it the single perfect, go anywhere, solution for the continued health of body, mind and spirit.

Q. Does Peterson Sauna provide anything other then the construction?
R. We provide the heater, the wall mount, vapor-proof lighting fixtures, thermometer, Bucket w/ladle, and Head/Back rests.

Q. What are the rocks that are used with the heater?
R. Imported from Finland, Konno rocks create a soft, natural warmth and won’t fragment from heat and steam.