A Doctor’s Detailed Post About Sauna Bathing

by Neil Peterson

On January 13th of last year, Dr. Ben Lynch wrote a post called “Benefits of Sauna and How to Sauna” which gives some interesting information about the benefits of sauna bathing and also some advice on how you can prepare your body for sauna use to maximize the benefits. Dr. Lynch, who has his Doctorate in Naturopathy from Bastyr University, first experienced sauna bathing as an after-practice routine for his rowing team in college. He explains some of the reactions he had to these early experiences, both positive and negative, and how his continued education and experience helped him to better acclimate and prepare his body for sauna bathing. This allowed him to increase his body’s tolerance of the rigorous heat of the sauna, thereby allowing him to enjoy more of the benefits.

Dr. Lynch goes on to describe a 7 step process through which one can maximize their sauna experience; starting with “Days prior to sauna” and finishing with “After Sauna”. These steps include details about the best ways to eat, hydrate, supplements to take, what to wear, duration of bathing, taking breaks, and contrasting with hot and cold conditions. He also stresses the importance of checking with your doctor about any existing health problems you have, and knowing when you’re body is telling you to take a break from the heat.

While we at Peterson Sauna are not doctors, and cannot comment very specifically on his comments about supplements and chemical deficiencies, we do believe that Dr. Lynch presents some good points about practicing a proper sauna routine – especially his comments about staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, and listening to your body when it’s telling you to take a break.

“Benefits of Sauna and How to Sauna” By Dr. Ben Lynch











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