Premium Discount Saunas

by Neil Peterson

Premium Discount Saunas AvailableDiscount saunas - Portable sauna built with short length cedar material

More information about our discount saunas!

Here at peterson sauna, we’ve been importing western red cedar material from British Columbia for 3 decades. this material is shipped in a random assortment of lengths, bundled together to fill a 20ft pallet. We hand select each board that goes into our saunas to meet color requests from our customers, and also meet vertical grain quality standards for any board that may come in contact with a sauna user’s skin (it is imperative that vertical grain be used in these areas because flat grain patterns are susceptible to splintering, especially once they absorb moisture and sweat). We are proud of our ability to have this level of attention to detail and are confident that you won’t find this with any other manufacturer. They simply don’t have the flexibility to incorporate these considerations into their manufacturing processes.

In performing this selection process, we must take great care in choosing which boards to cut for each required board length. This ensures that we create as little waste as possible, by making sure that each leftover board is also of a usable length. Despite this meticulous process, we are still inevitably left with a surplus of short-length tongue and groove cedar material which can be difficult to incorporate into our standard manufacturing process. While this means that we’re never short on supplies for our own person woodcrafting projects, it also allows our customers the opportunity to purchase a premium sauna, made with the highest grade of cedar available, at a discounted price. The attached picture shows how these boards can be incorporated into our designs with the use of additional trim pieces and combinations of vertically and horizontally oriented boards. These discounted designs can still be built to fit the size specifications that you require for your available space.

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